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Welcome to the home of my word-appreciating side-project snappily titled “Lyrics of the Week”. Put simply, I’m looking to redress the balance of appreciation that occurs between music or songs and lyrics. To much emphasis is placed on music and not enough on words. It’s easy miss great lyrics in a bad song (see Born in the USA) or poor lyrics in a good one (see Hey Jude). So each week I extoll the virtues of a verse, chorus or simply a phrase that might’ve been missed or is just great.

Here you can find links to all the posts in the series, of which there is one a week since early May. All of them have the song in question available for streaming to enable instant satisfaction.

Week #5: Elbow – Station Approach

Week #4: Bon Iver – Re: Stacks

Week #3: Alberta Cross – Ghost of City Life

Week #2: The Boxer Rebellion – Flashing Red Light Means Go

Week #1: Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence


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[…] final line is perhaps my favourite of not only this song but the handful of LOTWs I’ve done up until this point. The best lyrics are mostly the simplest ones and this is a […]

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[…] Seen Kid, Station Approach As the 5th in an ever-expanding set, I felt this week’s edition of Lyrics of the Week (or LOTW #5, if you prefer) needed to be a bit more upbeat. Not necessarily happy or overtly […]

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[…] admit that I did it rather abruptly and without prior warning. This, coupled with the fact that my Lyrics of the Week section hasn’t been updated for over 13 weeks now, makes for a rather neglected blog. Anyway, let us not […]

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