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Mainly Genius is the title for the written output of Tom Cornish. It consists mostly of music reviews but occasionally offers articles and other such gubbins.

Congratulations, you have reached the Mainly Genius blog! I currently work full time in London’s media circus for an curious Media and Advertising Agency. I used to study music at one of London’s premier institutions and have had ambitions for greatness in the music industry. As well as writing, I compose music for multiple parts of the media including TV, Film and Radio, and I am an accomplished guitarist.

You can check out some of my stuff on Myspace or Youtube.

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Hey there,

I noticed that you had covered Musebox artists The Black Atlantic on Mainly Genius a little while back. If you’re looking for new artists in the singer/songwriter genre you might be interested in checking out Brooklyn songwriter Mark McAdam. After being selected by directors Kieran and Michelle Mulroney to write the music for the new indie-comedy film Paper Man (starring Jeff Daniels, Ryan Reynolds, and Lisa Kudrow), Mark realized he had enough songs to put together a strong album of his own. ‘Paper Man Songs’ marks his third solo album, featuring a collection of material inspired by and written around the perspective of the characters in the film.

Check out the new album by streaming or downloading it here (B2B only):

Download “The Space Between” MP3 (Available to Post):
[audio src="" /]

Paper Man Songs fuses folk elements into its indie-rock sound, as though Wilco and Elliott Smith had formed some sort of film-inspired hybrid. The album stands as a beautiful accompaniment piece to the quirky film.

Check out the music and let me know what you think- I’d love to hear your thoughts. If I can get you any more information regarding Mark McAdam or Paper Man Songs please let me know.



Comment by Chris Doble

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