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Review: Dark Mean – Music Box (EP)
March 28, 2010, 7:21 pm
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Dark Mean - Music BoxThey say nothing in life is free but fortunately for us they’re wrong. As long as you discount the cost of buying a computer and connecting it to the Internet, Canadian indie-pop band Dark Mean’s most recent offering Music Box is just that. I first came across Dark Mean via Eaten by Monsters last year, happily downloaded their first EP frankencottage, and ever since I’ve been waiting for an opportune moment to write about them. And here it is.

Released in mid-February of this year, Music Box is the second EP in a cycle of three and for my money is the better of the two so far. In contrast to its predecessor it seems happier both musically and technically, creating a sound that is contented in it’s own skin.

Kicking off with the jovial title track shows this very well and what might seem like a conflict of interests between sombre lyrics and uplifting music actually works rather well, giving the words an air of hope that otherwise might not have been there. More of the same follows on Piano & Beat before standout third track Acoustic.

As it says on the accurately named tin, Acoustic is an acoustic lament of the simplest variety and is similar to title track Music Box in it’s style. Again featuring the feeling of hope, Acoustic differs when it strips away the horns and drums and moves towards something more primal (or as primal as indie bands can be) and is something that feels very much from the heart.

The EP ends with the only actual sad track Dark Banjo and despite feeling a little forced (and slightly out of place), it does the job of proving that Dark Mean aren’t simply about happy banjos. They can make a decent fist of sad ones too.

Ignore the pragmatic song titles and dodgy band-name (the lead singer is named Mark Dean…) and give Music Box a whirl. It’s a competent and enjoyable follow-up to what was a good debut and is easily worth fifteen minutes of listening time.

You can get both EPs for free via Dark Mean’s official website  (unfortunately, time has run out but rest assured there is a full album on the way) or have a listen to Music Box and the excellent Acoustic below.

Dark Mean – Acoustic

Dark Mean – Music Box


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